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Not every one can be busy with bringing back Jews to their heritage, but everyone can lend a hand! Arachim is in Jewish education for over 30 years. Become a partner, and help bring Jews closer to the geulah, the redemption

35 Years of Arachim




What’s our goal

Outreach, education, and support of Jewish men, women, and children towards living a life of Jewish values, Torah, and mitzvos, the strengthening of the Jewish identity, and assimilation prevention across the globe.


Over 30,000 Jews participated in Arachim seminars in Israel and throughout the diaspora last year and some 100,000 new participants join Arachim’s neighborhood workshops and other programming every year.


Over 200 seminars per year in Israel, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, England, France, South Africa, Hungary, Hong Kong, India, in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, and Italian.


Arachim seminars convey the basic tenets of Torah Judaism on a professional level using modern terminology in a way that is both clear and accessible to all. Over the course of several days, seminars cover topics such as the origins of the universe, the meaning of life, fate and destiny, harmonious relationships, parenting challenges, Israel and the nations, history’s conclusion, and many others. Seminars feature educators, Torah scholars, and academicians presenting the Jewish approach to their areas of specialty.

Bring Jewish education closer to your home, Arachim provides hundreds of classes, and seminars, workshops, and symposiums Torah Study. Centers offer educational activities for the entire family, including full-time Torah programming for women and evening kollels for men. specially trained staff is available to accompany you, and accommodate you with any question and answers you may need, Arachim alumnae though their first steps in a Torah observant lifestyle and to assist you with the process of integration into the Torah observant community.